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Ollieroo Doorway Chin up Pull up Bar Multi-function Home Gym
it is a multi-function strength training device that promises to sculpt your upper body through pull ups, chin ups, and abdominal work. And thats just while this versatile pull up bar is hanging high on your doorframe. you can use it to perform dips to work your triceps, pushups to work your biceps and chest, and sit ups to hit your abs.
    • Practical Design- Non-slip rubberized feet, comfort foam grips and durable steel construction; Support weight up to 220 lbs
      • Easiness to Assemble and Install - Assembly guide, screws and toolincluded;the top portion of the doorframe is at least greater than 1.2cm,Slip-in design fits standard doorways (24" to 32") with trim (4" to6" wide) for quick installation, The shortest of the doorways, the maxof loading weight


    • Versatility - Ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, crunches, and more


    • Convenience - Turn the door into your own personal gym in justseconds and remove the pull up bar from your door way easily with nodrilling required



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